Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gift ideas for jet-setters-in-training

Today's Annoyance: Thoughtless re-gifting
Mantra of the Day: Any time is a good time for gift-giving.

No, the holidays aren't here just yet, and my birthday's in January. So, why do you ask, would I post a list of gifts now? Because I like to get a jump start on things, that's why. Plus, some of my fellow globetrotters will undoubtedly have birthdays or other special reasons to celebrate coming up soon. (Just for the record, I love surprises year-round so if you're in a gift-giving mood...)

Many of the things on the following list are things that I want. But, I'm kinda guessing that any jet-setter-in-training will likely treasure similar goodies. You're always welcome to add a comment with your preferred gift item(s).

Beyond the usual travel pillows, blankets, voltage converters and universal plug adapters, there's always:

1. A Zagat subscription - For less than $25, your jet set pal can have online access for a whole year to more than 40,000 reviews and ratings for restaurants, hotels and entertainment attractions around the world.

2. An e-book reader - This will definitely lighten the load from all those novels and magazines that we travelers tend to carry. Luckily, there are lots of options nowadays from Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Samsung and others.

3. An iTunes gift card - Remember, I like my sounds.

4. WiFi finder - These typically inexpensive little gadgets can help even the least tech-smart traveler find a wireless hot spot without booting up their computer.

5. Um, travel anyone? - If your loved one tends to fly often and uses one airline or hotel chain fairly regularly, why not buy them some mileage or an airline or hotel gift card?

Aside from these gifts, peruse the sites of any of my blog's giveaway sponsors and you're sure to find something great to make your friend's jet set life a bit easier.

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