Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ava's Be Fabulous Blogroll for November 2009

Today's Annoyance: Ungrateful people
Mantra of the Day: Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day. - Robert Caspar Lintner

Be Dazzling (jewelry sites)

* Best Damn Jewelry
* The Jewelry Blog
* Precision Gem Blog

Be Fashionable (clothing and accessory shopping)

* BagBliss
* The Daily Obsession
* Fashion Hippo

Be Featured (fun reading)

* Girls' Guide to the World
* Upgrade: Travel Better
* WebFloss: High Class Living on a Middle Class Budget

Be Green (eco-friendly travel & related products)

* 3 Green Angels
* Earth Love
* thedailygreen

Be Healthy (health and exercise)

* Health in Life
* Live a Delicious Life
* VitalJuice

Be Positive (for positive mental fabulousness)

* Il Cantone: An Open Door to Your Own Happiness
* Share Your Positivity
* Think Positive! Blog

Be Pretty (beauty and makeup)

* Beauty Addict: A Little Obsessed with Makeup
* Beauty Snob
* Makeup Loves Me

Be Ready (jet set/travel-related products)

* Corporate Travel Safety
* Jet-Setter Travel Gear Specialists
* Loop

Be There (travel and social event links)

* Club Planet
* Juli B
* Secrets of Paris

Be Wealthy (finance and money management)

* MainStreet
* The Oblivious Investor
* Women's Institute for Financial Education

The Be Fabulous Blogroll guessed the left column for the rest of the month. Be grateful every day in every way!

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