Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ava's Faves: Custom-made luxuries

Today's Annoyance: Forgetting to adjust the clocks after daylight savings time
Mantra of the Day: It is impossible to overdo luxury. - French proverb

I'm a big fan of custom-made products, especially if they're super luxurious. A few weeks ago, I listed a few websites where you can create your own clothing, accessories and home goods. I recently found a few sites where you can kick things up a notch and customize some of your more fabulous "necessities":

  • Anna Lunna is an online atelier for some of the most fabulous custom-designed boots that I've ever seen. You choose your boot style, heel height, leather type and color. Once you place your order, they send you a measurement kit and Voila! - six weeks later, you are your Anna Lunnas will be inseparable.
  • Blue Nile gives you the chance to custom-design your new best friend - diamond jewelry, that is. How fab will you feel wearing an extra special ring, earrings and pendant? And, it only takes a couple of days between order and delivery.
  • Maison Guerlain will create your very own fragrance. You even get to name it and personalize the bottle! (Even the website is dripping with luxuriousness.)
Can you imagine receiving any of these items as gifts? (not-so-subtle hint implied)

Peace, love and luxury,

[IMAGE: Courtesy of Anna Lunna]
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